Compliance and Security with ActiveView

At ActiveView, we have a full team to ensure that all your sites and articles are always compliant with the updated Google rules.

Our commitment is to ensure the integrity and protection of our partners’ accounts.

That’s why we have certified specialists and the most advanced security technologies to continuously monitor accounts in real-time to prevent any type of Google rule violation.


Detailed FeedBack

Google can sometimes leave you in the dark with vague notifications about your site.

At ActiveView, we illuminate the way. Our feedback service is carefully crafted to provide a clearer insight than what Google indicates, even within the bounds of available information.

This way, you save time by focusing on what’s most critical, reducing the chances of unwanted interruptions in your revenue stream.


Dedicated and
Exclusive Support

Our support team is always available to address any questions regarding compliance and security.

We provide proactive guidance to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising. Additionally, our most experienced experts will be available to provide consultations whenever you need them, all to ensure that your operation is running smoothly!


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