Technology and innovation

Access the most advanced solutions on the market.

At ActiveView, we offer the latest solutions on the market for publishers looking to maximize their revenue through innovative technologies.


Detailed Smart Refresh

Smart Refresh revolutionizes the way ads are presented. With strategic updates, increase click-through rates and keep your audience engaged, improving monetization for each view.



With FocusDrift, take your audience segmentation to new heights. Using artificial intelligence, we adjust your ads in real-time to ensure that the right message reaches the ideal audience, increasing efficiency and conversion.


Customized Script Customize

Our Customized Scripts can be the game-changer your projects need. Test them on your sites and see each URL render the maximum with tailor-made Ad Units. Every space, every view, a customized type of experience optimized to generate more and more revenue.

Elevate your results!

These technologies not only bring innovation but also deliver concrete results.

Ideal for those looking to overcome the constant changes in the digital advertising market, ensuring high performance and return on investment.