Terms of Use

Hello, we are ActiveView.

In this document, we want to inform our User about the rules of access, navigation, and conditions of use applicable to the Platform, as described below:


ActiveView, through its advanced technology for optimizing and monetizing advertising inventory, offers users a customizable platform. This platform allows users to effectively manage their advertising inventory and optimize their monetization strategies, facilitating customization and control over advertising and privacy settings, including cookie management.

If you wish to access and use the services offered by ActiveView, operating as a strategic partner between Google and publishers and managing the AdManager to optimize advertising inventory monetization, you will need to complete your registration on our platform, becoming a “User” of ActiveView. A “User” includes: (i) any natural or legal person who contracts ActiveView’s services, receiving a license to use the platform and AdManager administration services, under the conditions established in this document; and (ii) any person who uses the software on behalf of the contracting User, using valid login and password.

a) Track the key metrics that will reflect the AdManager settings to optimize advertising performance on User’s websites (web and/or mobile versions).

b) Leverage our expertise to maximize advertising revenue and manage ad preferences and visitor data on User’s sites.

c) Receive personalized support to enhance your earnings as a publisher. Access to the ActiveView platform is provided through a software license that is (i) personal, (ii) non-transferable, (iii) non-exclusive; (iv) free or paid; and (v) temporary. This license does not include:

a) The assignment or licensing of intellectual property, economic, and moral rights over the software/platform.

b) The right to sublicense, reverse engineer, adapt, or translate the source code.

c) The provision of additional services by ActiveView to the User, except those expressly provided for in this agreement.

d) The provision of programs and equipment necessary for accessing the software/platform.

  1. ActiveView is a company specialized in optimizing and monetizing advertising inventory, operating legally under the name ACTIVEVIEW OÜ, headquartered at Keemia tn 4, Tallinn, Harju – Estonia.

  2. Cookies are small text files used to store information about visitors on websites and internet pages. At ActiveView, we use cookies to enhance the user experience on our website and to optimize our advertising services.

  1. Features, Conditions, and Pricing of Plans:

The features offered by ActiveView vary depending on the plan chosen by the user. Specific details of each plan and its features are available upon direct request to ActiveView, as the hiring of our services is carried out through a separate process from the website, involving negotiations and formal agreements.

  1. Contracting and Provision of Services:

The services of ActiveView are considered contracted through the following procedures:

a) Completing the user registration and account creation for access to our platform, specifically for service management and monitoring.

b) Opting for one of ActiveView’s service plans, as presented in commercial proposals directly by authorized company representatives.

c) Accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, with the user’s electronic signature, to be collected via a document electronic signature platform.

Any requests for plan changes after contracting will be processed as follows:

(i) Changes from an initial plan to a paid plan will be effective within 24 hours after user’s payment method confirmation.

(ii) Changes between paid plans will be processed within 24 hours after choosing the new plan, as agreed upon in the commercial proposal.

  1. Contract Duration

The contractual relationship between ActiveView and its users is of a continuous nature and begins from the date of contracting. The contract renews according to the term and type of partnership stipulated between ActiveView and the user.

ActiveView’s services will be provided until the user decides to terminate the contract. To cancel the partnership, the user can formalize the request with our support team, if that is their wish.

After the cancellation request, the services (and access to the platform) will be interrupted on the last business day of the month in which the request is made. Until the user expresses interest in terminating the contract, the services will continue to be provided regularly, and all scheduled payments will be due, regardless of the user’s active use of the services.

  1. Personal Data Processing

ActiveView processes users’ personal data strictly necessary to fulfill contractual obligations, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. This policy clarifies how personal data is collected, used, and protected by ActiveView.

In the case of personal data of third parties (for example, visitors to websites managed by our clients), ActiveView ensures that the processing of such data will only occur according to the client’s instructions and in strict compliance with data protection laws, such as the LGPD.

Any requests from data subjects or determinations from the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) that affect operations conducted by ActiveView must be immediately communicated by our clients. ActiveView undertakes to take appropriate action in response to such requests.

ActiveView is not responsible for any personal data collected and processed directly by clients or authorized third parties, with clients being fully responsible for the lawful processing of this data.

In the event of a formal request from competent authorities, ActiveView may disclose data as required, regardless of prior authorization.

  1. General Provisions

ActiveView’s clients are responsible for keeping all provided information up to date, including banking details for payment of services.

ActiveView reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use, including plans, features, and values, with prior notification to clients.

ActiveView may assign or transfer the rights and obligations of this contract, expecting cooperation from clients in such situations.

Any tolerance or concession by ActiveView does not imply waiver or alteration of the agreed terms.

These Terms of Use are governed by Brazilian law, with the Central Forum of the District to settle any disputes.